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ŽÁK Marek, ROZMAN Jaroslav and ZBOŘIL František V.. Hexapod Robot: Test Platform for Bio-Inspired Controllers. In: Sbornik ICCC 2016. Tatranská Lomnica: The University of Technology Košice, 2016, pp. 819-824. ISBN 978-1-4673-8605-0.
Publication language:english
Original title:Hexapod Robot: Test Platform for Bio-Inspired Controllers
Title (cs):Robot hexapod: Testovací platforma pro biologií inspirované kontroléry
Proceedings:Sbornik ICCC 2016
Conference:17th International Carpathian Control Conference: ICCC 2016
Place:Tatranská Lomnica, SK
Publisher:The University of Technology Košice
Hexapod, Bio-Inspired Controller
This paper aims on design, construction and control of a hexapod robot, which is a six-legged walking robot. The result of this project is a legged robot equipped with sonars, force-sensitive resistors and encoders, which will be used as a test platform for hexapod robot bio-inspired controllers. A graphical user interface was developed to control and display data from sensors.
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