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DRAHANSKÝ Martin, LUŽA Radim and ZBOŘIL František V.. Localization of rescue robot in hybrid environment. In: ICCITR2016. Dubai: Higher Institute of Technological Studies, 2016, pp. 1-4. ISBN 978-9973-9816-2-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:Localization of rescue robot in hybrid environment
Title (cs):Lokalizace záchranného robota v hybridním prostředí
Conference:The 2nd International Conference on Communication, Information Technology and Robotics
Place:Dubai, AE
Publisher:Higher Institute of Technological Studies
robot, rescue of people, bioradar, debris, avalanche, localization

The paper concerns about robot for rescuing peaple in hard environments. It is aimed on localization of the robot. It describes solution of switching between several localization sources using evaluation matrics for each localization source.
The paper concerns about prototype of robot
aimed on detection and rescue of people in debris and
avalanches. First the paper describes robot modular architecture - the chassis and optional extension modules. Later the
paper concerns about localization of the robot and describes a
solution of coexistence of several location sources - switching
among them and also fusion of absolute and relative location

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