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VESELÝ Vladimír, MAREK Marcel, HYKEL Tomáš, RYŠAVÝ Ondřej, LICHTNER Ondrej and JEŘÁBEK Kamil. Deliverable 2.6: RINASim - advanced functionality. Brno, 2015.
Publication language:english
Original title:Deliverable 2.6: RINASim - advanced functionality
Title (cs):Deliverable 2.6: RINASim - vylepšená funkcionalita
Place:Brno, CZ
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Simulation is widely accepted validation and verification tool to test and prove new technologies. Simulation runs can reveal design flaws, performance drawbacks and other weak points. Simulation results are able to enhance development process of researchers and programmers. Hence, the implementation of the Recursive Internet Architecture Simulator (RINASim) is a natural step to support the design and development of the RINA SDK. RINASim is independent full-fledged simulation framework of native RINA networks for OMNeT++ discrete event simulator. RINASim allows its user to inspect RINA behavior in different deployment topologies. Moreover, RINASim offers flexible development of new policies, which may directly impact and alter interprocess communication. Furthermore, RINASim has easily extensible statistic collection system, which provides accurate results gathering and evaluation. Previous Deliverable 2.4 outlined RINASim basic functionality. Since that time, RINASim has significantly matured in terms of both width and depth of its functionality. This document provides detailed RINASim user guide together with a description of basic RINA principles that influenced RINASim design and development.
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