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VANČO Matúš and ARON Lukáš. Dynamic Security Policy Enforcement on Android. International Journal of Security and Its Applications. Daejeon: Science & Engineering Research Support Center, 2016, vol. 2016, no. 10, pp. 141-148. ISSN 1738-9976. Available from:
Publication language:english
Original title:Dynamic Security Policy Enforcement on Android
Title (cs):Dynamické vynucování práv na systému Android
Book:International Journal of Security and Its Applications
Place:Daejeon, KR
Journal:International Journal of Security and Its Applications, Vol. 2016, No. 10, Daejeon, KR
private data, Aurasium framework, operating system, system call, binder driver, Android security, policy enforcement, security policy 
This work presents the system for dynamic enforcement of access rights on Android. Each application will be repackaged by this system, so that the access to selected private data is restricted for the outer world. The system intercepts the system calls using Aurasium framework and adds an innovative approach of tracking the information flows from the privacy-sensitive sources using tainting mechanism without need of administrator rights. There has been designed file-level and data-level taint propagation and policy enforcement based on Android binder. 
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