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TESAŘ Radek. Nekonvenční technologie pro číslicové systémy. In: Počítačové architektury a diagnostika PAD 2016. Bořetice: Faculty of Information Technology BUT, 2016, pp. 109-115. ISBN 978-80-214-5376-0.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Nekonvenční technologie pro číslicové systémy
Title (en):Unconventional technology for digital systems
Proceedings:Počítačové architektury a diagnostika PAD 2016
Conference:Počítačové architektury a diagnostika 2016
Place:Bořetice, CZ
Publisher:Faculty of Information Technology BUT
Ambipolar transistor, digital logic, organic electronics, polymorphic electronics, logic gates, digital circuits.
The majority of contemporary computational machines is conceived around the elements based on anorganic semiconductor materials, e.g. silicon. It is peculiar that such elements typically comprise the transistors as a switching entity, which are used for construction of logic gates performing elementary Boolean functions. More complex circuits implementing certain algorithm or computational task are further designed by means of applying suitable synthesis techniques. There exist rich set of methods for highly automated design of conventional electronics, together with specific solutions for most typical application scenarios.

However, on the level of individual transistors and complete logic gates alike, certain alternative approaches are available at hand which may help to take an advantage of certain benefits. Most importantly, it is possible to influence physical properties of the target product, including fabrication technology requirements, dimensions, its maturity for the deployment in various environments, operational speed or the actual set of available basic logic functions. Such perspective can open the path towards new aplication opportunities which might be barely feasible to obtain with conventional electronics approach, or enable important improvements of the existing solutions.

In that sense, an example of unconventional  technology may include circuits based on organic semiconductor materials, often fabricated by means of using methods of inkjet printing, exploitation of electrical behaviour in case of an unconventional or nature-inspired materials, semiconductor elements based on graphene, nanotubes or similar ones. In addition, there can be identified one specific domain on the level of gates which is called polymorphic electronics. Polymorphic electronics and its principles can be employed especially in situations where the behaviour of fundamental structures is subjected to intentional change due to various relevant aspects during the circuit operation.
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