Conference paper

RYANT Neville, BERGELSON Elika, CHURCH Kenneth, CRISTIA Alejandrina, DU Jun, GANAPATHY Sriram, KHUDANPUR Sanjeev, KOWALSKI Diana, KRISHNAMOORTHY Mahesh, KULSHRESHTA Rajat, LIBERMAN Mark, LU Yu-Ding, MACIEJEWSKI Matthew, METZE Florian, PROFANT Ján, SUN Lei, TSAO Yu and YU Zhou. Enhancement and Analysis of Conversational Speech: JSALT 2017. In: Proceedings of ICASSP 2018. Calgary: IEEE Signal Processing Society, 2018, pp. 5154-5158. ISBN 978-1-5386-4658-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:Enhancement and Analysis of Conversational Speech: JSALT 2017
Title (cs):Zvýrazňování a analýza konverzační řeči: JSALT 2017
Proceedings:Proceedings of ICASSP 2018
Conference:2018 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing
Place:Calgary, CA
Publisher:IEEE Signal Processing Society
diarization, overlap detection, speech enhancement, automatic speech recognition
Automatic speech recognition is more and more widely and effectively used. Nevertheless, in some automatic speech analysis tasks the state of the art is surprisingly poor. One of these is "diarization", the task of determining who spoke when. Diarization is key to processing meeting audio and clinical interviews, extended recordings such as police body cam or child language acquisition data, and any other speech data involving multiple speakers whose voices are not cleanly separated into individual channels. Overlapping speech, environmental noise and suboptimal recording techniques make the problem harder. During the JSALT Summer Workshop at CMU in 2017, an international team of researchers worked on several aspects of this problem, including calibration of the state of the art, detection of overlaps, enhancement of noisy recordings, and classification of shorter speech segments. This paper sketches the workshops results, and announces plans for a "Diarization Challenge" to encourage further progress.
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