Journal article

KOLÁŘ Dušan and MEDUNA Alexander. Regulated Pushdown Automata. Acta Cybernetica. 2000, vol. 2000, no. 4, pp. 653-664. ISSN 0324-721X.
Publication language:english
Original title:Regulated Pushdown Automata
Book:Acta Cybernetica
Place:Szeged, HU
Journal:Acta Cybernetica, Vol. 2000, No. 4, US
pushdown automata, regulated accepting, control languages
The paper suggests a new investigation area of the formal language theory - regulated automata. Specifically, it investigates pushdown automata that regulate the use of their rules by control languages. It proves that this regulation has no effect on the power of pushdown automata if the control languages are regular. However, the pushdown automata regulated by linear control languages characterize the family of recursively enumerable languages.
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