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HLAVIČKA Jan, KOTÁSEK Zdeněk and RŮŽIČKA Richard. Formal Approach to RTL Testability Analysis. In: sborník konference IEEE LATW 2000. Rio de Janeiro: unknown, 2000, pp. 98-103.
Publication language:english
Original title:Formal Approach to RTL Testability Analysis
Proceedings:sborník konference IEEE LATW 2000
Conference:IEEE LATW 2000
Place:Rio de Janeiro, BR
RTL testability analysis
In the paper a formal approach to the RT level testability analysis is presented. It is based on the structural analysis of the circuit under design and the classification of circuit elements. The elements are classified on the basis of their possible role during the test application. The principles known from the theory of sets and mathematical logic are utilised to define the role of registers during the test application. The principles of developing the RT level testability analysis algorithms are then presented to identify registers for partial scan and parallel paths to apply the test of the circuit.
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