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MEDUNA Alexander. Uniform Generation of Languages by Scattered Context Grammars. Fundamenta Informaticae. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2001, vol. 2001, no. 45, pp. 231-235. ISSN 0169-2968.
Publication language:english
Original title:Uniform Generation of Languages by Scattered Context Grammars
Title (cs):Jednotné generování jazyků gramatikami s rozptýleným kontextem
Book:Fundamenta informaticae
Place:Warszawa, PL
Journal:Fundamenta Informaticae, Vol. 2001, No. 45, Amsterdam, NL
uniform generation, scattered context grammars
This paper demonstrates a uniform permutation-based generation of languages by using scattered context grammars.
The present paper discusses the uniform generation of languages by scattered context grammars. More specifically, it demonstrates that every recursively enumerable language can be generated by a scattered context grammar, G, so that every sentential form in a generation of a sentence has the form y_1\ldots y_m i, where u is a terminal word and each y_i is a permutation either of two equally long words, z_1 \in \{A, B, C\}^* and z_2 \in \{ A, B, D\}^*, where A, B, C, and D are G's nonterminals. Then, it presents an analogical result so that u precedes y_1\ldots y_m.
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