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ŠVÉDA Miroslav, VRBA Radimír and ZEZULKA František. Coupling Architectures for Low-Level Fieldbusses. In: Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference and Workshop ECBS'2000. Napier University, Edinburgh: IEEE Computer Society, 2000, pp. 148-155. ISBN 0-7695-0604-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Coupling Architectures for Low-Level Fieldbusses
Title (cs):Coupling Architectures for Low-Level Fieldbusses
Proceedings:Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference and Workshop ECBS'2000
Conference:IEEE Engineering of Computer-Based Systems
Place:Napier University, Edinburgh, GB
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Interconnecting architecture, fieldbus, communication protocol
This paper deals with hierarchical, multiple fieldbus-based architectures using four case studies that present some concepts reusable in developing the interconnections of intelligent sensors and actuators. The single-master, low-level fieldbusses considered involve (1) ASI (Actuator-Sensor-Interface), which is an example of a lowest-level industrial interconnection; (2) NBIP (Nine-Bit Inter-processor Protocol), which is an example of a special purpose link-layer protocol for microcontrollers; and (3) Bitbus, which is an example of well-established fieldbus utilized for almost 20 years in various applications. The paper begins with classification issues; particularly, coupling architectures are treated both from the viewpoint of more classical interconnections of wide-area and local-area networks, and from the viewpoint of fieldbus domain. Next part introduces the ASI and NBIP protocols while the well-known Bitbus is reviewed in applications. To offer more complex insight, implementation tools -- developed particularly to support low-level fieldbus interconnecting experiments -- are also mentioned. Four case studies demonstrating consequently NBIP-ASI, ASI-ASI, and two different Bitbus-NBIP hierarchical coupling structures create the kernel of the paper. Finally, brief notes about origins, results, and current targets of the project conclude the contribution.
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