Conference paper

ŠVÉDA Miroslav and VRBA Radimír. Rapid Prototyping of Embedded Communication Systems. In: Proceedings ICT 2000. Acapulco: unknown, 2000, pp. 677-681. ISBN 968-36-7762-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:Rapid Prototyping of Embedded Communication Systems
Title (cs):Rychlé prototypování vestavěných komunikačních systémů
Proceedings:Proceedings ICT 2000
Conference:IEEE/IEE International Conference ICT 2000
Place:Acapulco, MX
Rapid prototyping, specification language, communication architecture, attribute grammar, macroprocessor, Prolog, definite clause grammar
The rapid prototyping technique, which covers not only communication but also specification language and systems architecture prototyping, consists of the following steps: (i) definition of a concrete specification language, which fits the concrete application and implementation domains, and description of its semantics by an attribute grammar; (ii) description of this attribute grammar either by text macros or by a definite clause grammar in frame of Prolog, aiming at a straightforward translator prototype implementation; (iii) design of a trial communication architecture and identification of its reusable components; (iv) specification of a target communication system using the trial system architecture and the devised specification language; (v) macroprocessor or Prolog-driven expansion of that specification into an executable code fitting the trial system architecture; and (vi) final compilation and execution or interpretation of the expanded code complemented by reusable system components of the trial architecture.
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