Conference paper

ZBOŘIL František. Identifikace systému neuronovou sítí. In: MOSMIC'99. Súľov: unknown, 1999, pp. 165-170. ISBN 80-7100-635-1.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Identifikace systému neuronovou sítí
Title (en):System Identification by Neural Network
Conference:International Workshop Modelling and Simulation in Management, Informatics and Control MOSMIC'99
Place:Súľov, SK
System identification, Neural network
The paper deals with an identification of dynamic systems by means of a backpropagation neural network (BPN). First, the using of the BPN to the forward and inverse system identification is shown. Further the possibility of a using of the BPN to the time coefficient identification of systems with known form of transfer function is described. Last, our experiences with an identification of systems of the second order and some obtained results are presented.
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