ŠVÉDA Miroslav. Systémy založené na počítačích. Brno: Brno University of Technology, 2001. ISBN 80-214-1937-7.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Systémy založené na počítačích
Title (en):Computer-Based Systems
Series:Edice Habilitační a inaugurační spisy
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:Brno University of Technology
Computer-based systems, embedded systems, temporal logics, real-time temporal logics, finite automata, transition systems, fieldbus interconnections, Internet, application framework, components reuse
This lecture reviews the contemporary state of Engineering of Computer-Based Systems (ECBS) as a new and emerging branch of Computer Science and Engineering from the viewpoints of research and education. Attention is focused not only on a holistic view and main features of this discipline, but also on embedded systems as an important class of computer-based systems (CBS) including computer networks and communication protocols, which constitute their important components. Moreover, introductory sections mention also the significant role of formal specifications in this domain. The other sections of the lecture focus on more detailed presentation of selected parts of this discipline employing author's personal experience. Following the introductory and general sections, main part of the lecture discusses research, professional, and educational activities in the ECBS domain. Research contributions cover industrial research and development of embedded systems, formal specifications in ECBS, and communication networks and protocols for embedded systems. While spending more than 20 years in industrial research institutes, the author designed and developed system architectures and software of gadgets aiming at pumping technology, textile machinery and electrical drives. Concurrently, he invented and implemented a development method, tools, and environments for dedicated microcontroller-based embedded systems. Research activities in ECBS at the Brno University of Technology deal both with formal specifications and design methods and with communication networks and protocols for embedded systems. The main contributions in this area consist of (1) local-time formal specification method and supporting tools that complement the related design method and tools developed previously, (2) CBS architecture-related method and framework for interconnecting low-level fieldbuses, and (3) object-oriented framework and design patterns propping the connection of sensor-based embedded systems to the Internet. The author's membership in the Technical Committee for ECBS of the IEEE Computer Society has enabled him to participate in developing ECBS Bachelor and Master Degree Curricula and implementing them at the Brno University of Technology. As a chairman of the IEEE ECBS Working Group for Formal Specifications, the author runs together with Prof. Rattray and Prof. Rozenblit annual IEEE/IFIP Joint Workshops on Formal Specifications of CBS.
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