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CVRČEK Daniel and ŠVÉDA Petr. Hardwarové a softwarové řešení bezpečnosti. In: Mikulášská kryptobesídka. Brno: ECOM-MONITOR, 2001, pp. 87-97. ISBN 80-903083-0-9.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Hardwarové a softwarové řešení bezpečnosti
Title (en):Hadware and Software Security Solutions
Proceedings:Mikulášská kryptobesídka
Conference:Mikulášská kryptobesídka
Place:Brno, CZ
secure hardware, security evaluation, criteria, security standard, Common Criteria, API, cryptography, coprocessor
The article analyses the problem of criteria for security evaluation of information technologies. Currently used Common Criteria are discussed with respect to relations with older standards, terminologies and metodologies. The applicability of the Common Criteria in the area of commercial applications is analysed. The properties of secure hadware are stressed. The notion itself is defined together with trust and the notion of trustful device is discussed. The text of the next section is based on an alternative characteristics of secure devices based on easily definable properties. The last part of the article is about the most complex secure devices - cryptographic coprocessors. The problems related to the use of such devices are described and new threat, complexity of application interface, is shown. This vulnerability is demonstrated by several attacks that have been implemented on real hardware devices.
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