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HRUBÝ Martin and RÁBOVÁ Zdeňka. Processes and Knowledge in one Simulation. In: Proceedings of 7th Conference STUDENT FEI 2001. Brno: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science BUT, 2001, pp. 333-338. ISBN 80-214-1860-5.
Publication language:english
Original title:Processes and Knowledge in one Simulation
Proceedings:Proceedings of 7th Conference STUDENT FEI 2001
Conference:Konference a soutěž STUDENT FEI 2001
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science BUT
heterogeneous models, SIMLIB, Prolog
In this paper, I discuss an interconnection of simulation library SIMLIB with an interpreter of the Prolog programming language. We obtain an environment for an effective description and simulation of heterogeneous models, which requires an application of both classical simulation approaches as well as logical programming. In the paper, I briefly characterize the SIMLIB simulation library which offers various tools for a description and simulation of continuous, discrete, and combined models. Next, I discuss some issues related to the interoperability of SIMLIB/C++ and Prolog in our simulation environment.
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