Conference paper

HLAVIČKA Jan, KOTÁSEK Zdeněk, RŮŽIČKA Richard and STRNADEL Josef. Interactive Tool for Behavioral Level Testability Analysis. In: Proceedings of the IEEE ETW 2001. Stockholm, 2001, pp. 117-119.
Publication language:english
Original title:Interactive Tool for Behavioral Level Testability Analysis
Proceedings:Proceedings of the IEEE ETW 2001
Conference:IEEE European Test Workshop 2001
Place:Stockholm, SE
behavioral testability analysis
The paper presents a method of system-level testability analysis based on the study of relationship between different HLL constructs and their implementation in the structure of the resulting circuit. The observations made when analyzing the function of a professional design tool are then generalized and used for the formulation of system-level testable design guidelines. This feedback, although very useful, is provided only by some design tools, therefore it has been implemented in a program product IBLA (Interactive Tool for Behavioral Level Testability Analysis) presented in this paper.
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