Conference paper

KOTÁSEK Zdeněk and STRNADEL Josef. RTL Testability Analysis Based on Genetic Algorithm Implementation. In: Proceedings of the Tenth ICNACSA. Plovdiv: unspecified agency, 2001, p. 1.
Publication language:english
Original title:RTL Testability Analysis Based on Genetic Algorithm Implementation
Proceedings:Proceedings of the Tenth ICNACSA
Conference:The Tenth International Colloquim on Numerical Analysis and Computer Sciemce with Applications
Place:Plovdiv, BG
Publisher:unspecified agency
RTL testability analysis, genetic algorithm
The paper deals with a new approach to the RTL testability analysis. The approach is based on genetic algorithms theory and applies registers selected into UUA (Unit Under Analysis) scan chain as a population in genetic algorithm process. Quality of selecting registers into UUA scan chain is evaluated by the fitness function, which takes into account the number of registers selected into UUA scan chain, number of UUA testable nodes and cost measure needed to test all UUA nodes.
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