Conference paper

DRÁBEK Vladimír. Configurable Computing. In: Advanced Simulation of Systems. Ostrava, 2001, pp. 59-63. ISBN 80-85988-61-5.
Publication language:english
Original title:Configurable Computing
Proceedings:Advanced Simulation of Systems
Conference:23rd International Autumn Colloquium ASIS 2001 Advanced Simulation of Systems
Place:Ostrava, CZ
FPGA, configurable computing, reconfiguration, scheduling, mapping
This paper presents basic principles of a new approach to FPGA circuitry design leading to a nontraditional hardware synthesis and its application, namely configurable computing. It introduces main aspects, measures, constraints and approaches to compile-time configuration, run-time reconfiguration, scheduling and mapping to a set of hardware macros. The main measure is the amount of configuration data and re/configuration time, the main constraint is the number of CLBs available. Next directions of development are pointed to.
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