GÜTTNER Jakub. Voxel Model Creation Using Wavelet-based Stereoanalysis. Brno: Grantová agentura AV ČR, 2001.
Publication language:english
Original title:Voxel Model Creation Using Wavelet-based Stereoanalysis
Title (cs):Vytváření voxelových modelů stereoanalýzou s využitím waveletů
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:Grantová agentura AV ČR
Stereoanalysis, Voxel Model, Virtual Reality, Stereo Image Matching, Disparity Analysis, Dyadic Discrete Complex Wavelet Transform, Waili, FXT, P.I.G.
Stereoanalysis is a technique that reconstructs a 3D model of an object from its images taken at different positions in space. The method finds corresponding pixels in the images and from their offsets in local image coordinate systems (disparities) and mutual camera orientation it computes the distance of these pixels from the camera, thus modelling a voxel object representation that can be further processed and used for simulations.

This report explores a reconstruction method that uses the wavelete transform to provide a multiresolution analysis scheme for finding the disparities. It mentions the current state of the problem, an algorithm for disparity analysis, its theoretical basis and implementation (P.I.G - Parallax Image Generator library). Several examples of analyzed images are also included.

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