Conference paper

ZBOŘIL František and ZBOŘIL František V.. Formal Models of Agent Systems. In: Proceedings of 36th International Conference MOSIS '02. Ostrava, 2002, pp. 163-168. ISBN 80-85988-71-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:Formal Models of Agent Systems
Title (cs):Formální modely agentních systémů
Proceedings:Proceedings of 36th International Conference MOSIS '02
Conference:36th Spring International Conference MOSIS 2002 Modelling and Simulation of Systems
Series:Vol. I
Place:Ostrava, CZ
Agent systems, CTL logic, BDI logic
The paper deals with modelling of agent systems. It shows an approach to creating formal models of these systems by using BDI logic. BDI logic is probably the most popular tool for formal definition of agent systems and it has been applied in several systems based on the agent technology. The subject has been widely studied in recent years. There are provided descriptions of BDI syntax and semantic together with an example of usage of this logic.
The paper is focused on the BDI logic and its usage to descriptions of agent systems. The main three chapters of the paper deal with BDI logic (basic principles), with Relations among B, D and I agent mental states and with Example of BDI logic usage.
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