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DRAHANSKÝ Martin and ORSÁG Filip. Fingerprints and Speech Recognition as parts of the biometry. In: Proceedings of 36th International Conference MOSIS '02. Ostrava, 2002, pp. 177-183. ISBN 80-85988-71-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:Fingerprints and Speech Recognition as parts of the biometry
Title (cs):Otisky prstů a rozpoznávání řeči jako součásti biometrie
Proceedings:Proceedings of 36th International Conference MOSIS '02
Conference:36th Spring International Conference MOSIS 2002 Modelling and Simulation of Systems
Place:Ostrava, CZ
biometry, recognition, speech, fingerprint, smart card, SOM, HMM
This paper deals with fingerprint recognition and speech recognition. The fingerprints belong to the human biometric attributes. They are very popular nowadays as well as the speech recognition. The first part deals with the issue of the recognition of the separately spoken words. As a tool for the word recognition were chosen a neural network and the Hidden Markov Models, which cooperate along with each other to recognize separately spoken words. In the second part are mentioned some sensors for fingerprint acquirement, short description of a fingerprint analysis and storage of minutiae on a smart card. It is emphasized the usage of the smart cards in biometry. Both parts together lay stress on the two most frequently used biometrical technologies at the present time.
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