Conference paper

HRUBÝ Martin and RÁBOVÁ Zdeňka. HELEF: A New Simulation Language. In: Proceedings of International Conference MOSIS '02. Ostrava, 2002, pp. 39-47. ISBN 80-85988-71-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:HELEF: A New Simulation Language
Title (cs):HELEF: Nový simulační jazyk
Proceedings:Proceedings of International Conference MOSIS '02
Conference:36th Spring International Conference MOSIS 2002 Modelling and Simulation of Systems
Series:Vol. 1
Place:Ostrava, CZ
modelling and simulation, simulation language, heterogeneous systems, heterogeneity, object orientation
HELEF (Heterogeneous Language Environment) is a new simulation language designed for programming of interactive simulations of large and heterogeneous systems. The HELEF is built upon new modern concepts of programming, upon declarative and imperative programs design put together, on modularity, distributivity, re-usability and the others. It is going to be an interesting programming technique as well as an idea supporting the simulation models design. In this paper, we discuss various problems of computer modelling and we explain our reasons to start the HELEF project.
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