Conference paper

BARTÍK Vladimír. Association Rule Discovery in Databases. In: Proceedings of 5th International Conference ISM '02 - Information Systems Modelling. Ostrava, 2002, pp. 21-27. ISBN 80-85988-70-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:Association Rule Discovery in Databases
Title (cs):Získávání asociačních pravidel z databází
Proceedings:Proceedings of 5th International Conference ISM '02 - Information Systems Modelling
Conference:5th International Conference on Information System Modelling - ISM'02
Place:Ostrava, CZ
Data mining, association rule, Apriori-like method, multilevel association rule
A system for knowledge discovery is described in this paper. Currently, the system only supports association rule discovery, including multiple level association rules, but its architecture is general. The system uses an XML-based data mining query language. Subsystems communicate each other by means of an XML document in this language. Basic terms and methods of mining association rules used in the system are described, the system architecture presented, and the module of the system that implements the mining algorithm described in more details.
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