Conference paper

KAŠPÁREK Tomáš. Preparing Compaq iPAQ for Linux Kernel Development. In: Proceedings of 8th EEICT conference. Brno: Faculty of Information Technology BUT, 2002, pp. 164-166. ISBN 80-214-2114-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:Preparing Compaq iPAQ for Linux Kernel Development
Title (cs):Příprava PDA iPAQ pro vývoj Linuxového jádra
Proceedings:Proceedings of 8th EEICT conference
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:Faculty of Information Technology BUT
ARM, OSS, ALSA, Linux, Compaq iPAQ H3650, cross-compiling, personal digital assistant (PDA), embedded devices, kernel 2.5.x , porting, GCC, open source, MTD, boot loader, modules, serial-line connection, Philips UDA1341TS, Familiar distribution, xmodem, modularity, MTD partitioning, GNU, spinlock, block I/O layer, kdev_t, fastfpe, ASSABET_BCR_frob()
This project goal is preparation of sufficient development environment for further projects. For standard personal workstation, the goal of setting the machine for (kernel) development should be reached in few hours. Differentness and piquancy of this project is based on specific hardware. Selected hardware platform is Compaq iPAQ (model H3650). It was selected because of its wide spread between users of handheld devices, usable performance for speech recognition and special support of its sound chip for advanced signal processing. Because of it's increasing role in the world of PDAs, the Linux operating system was used (HW and SW selection was directed by related projects where speech recognition is in the center of interest). There is specialized branch of Linux kernel supposed to be used for embedded devices. Even then (except setting the development environment) it will be needed to solve problems with porting for iPAQ (ARM architecture) such as minimizing the size of the Linux kernel and modifying it for these special purposes.
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