Conference paper

KUBÍČEK Vladislav and ZENDULKA Jaroslav. Construction of a Fuzzy Grammar from a Set of Sentences. In: Knowledge-Based Software Engineering. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2002, pp. 108-115. ISBN 1-58603-274-7.
Publication language:english
Original title:Construction of a Fuzzy Grammar from a Set of Sentences
Title (cs):Construction of a Fuzzy Grammar from a Set of Sentences
Proceedings:Knowledge-Based Software Engineering
Conference:Fifth Joint Conference on Knowledge-Based Software Engineering
Series:Proceedings of the internetaional conference JCKBSE'02, Maribor
Place:Amsterdam, NL
Publisher:IOS Press
grammar inference, construction of a grammar, multimedia retrieval
A non-terminal fuzzy regular grammar is introduced and a method for its construction from a given set of sentences presented in this paper. The grammar is used to describe the relations between the occurrences of symbols in a set of sentences. It can be used to describe a set of sentences (for example a set of images with discovered elementary shapes) and such a description can be employed to retrieve similar sentences (for example images) or to analyze sentences (for example text). The fuzzy value in the grammar indicates the probability of using a given production generating a symbol and is given by the probability of the occurrence of the symbol in the set of sentences. The method of grammar construction was verified by an experimental system. Some results of experiments are presented in the paper too.
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