Conference paper

HRUBÝ Martin and RÁBOVÁ Zdeňka. Modelling of Real-world Objects using the HELEF Language. In: Proceedings of The 28th ASU Conference. Brno: Faculty of Information Technology BUT, 2002, pp. 47-57. ISSN 1102-593X.
Publication language:english
Original title:Modelling of Real-world Objects using the HELEF Language
Title (cs):Modelování objektů reálného světa použitím jazyka HELEF
Proceedings:Proceedings of The 28th ASU Conference
Conference:The 28th ASU Conference, The Simulation Languages
Place:Brno, CZ
Journal:ASU Newsletter: a publication of the Association of SIMULA Users., No. 9, Stockholm, SE
Publisher:Faculty of Information Technology BUT
simulation, modelling, real world, simulation language, heterogeneous modelling, reflection
This paper describes a heterogeneous interactive simulation language called HELEF and its use in modelling of the real-world objects. The HELEF language is derived from language concepts of Beta, Self, Smalltalk and plenty of other simulation languages. We discuss some properties of the mentioned languages, properties of the model-oriented languages and requirements for making the open dynamic simulations and mainly the reasons for (direct) modelling of the real world.
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