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MEDUNA Alexander and ŠVEC Martin. Descriptional Complexity of Generalized Forbidding Grammars. International Journal of Computer Mathematics. 2003, vol. 2003, no. 80, pp. 11-17. ISSN 0020-7160.
Publication language:english
Original title:Descriptional Complexity of Generalized Forbidding Grammars
Title (cs):Složitost popisu gramatik s rozptýleným kontextem
Book:International Journal of Computer Mathematics
Place:London, GB
Journal:International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Vol. 2003, No. 80, GB
Publisher:Taylor & Francis Informa plc
Generalized forbidding grammars, recursively enumerable languages
Generalized forbidding grammars are reduced.
This paper discusses the descriptional complexity of generalized forbidding grammars. It proves that every recursively enumerable language is generated by a generalized forbidding grammar containing no more than thirteen forbidding productions and no more than fifteen nonterminals.
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