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MEDUNA Alexander. Simultaneously One-Turn Two-Pushdown Automata. International Journal of Computer Mathematics. 2003, vol. 2003, no. 80, pp. 679-687. ISSN 0020-7160.
Publication language:english
Original title:Simultaneously One-Turn Two-Pushdown Automata
Title (cs):Souběžně jednoobrátkové dvouzásobníkové automaty.
Book:International Journal of Computer Mathematics
Place:London, GB
Journal:International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Vol. 2003, No. 80, GB
Publisher:Taylor & Francis Informa plc
recursively enumerable languages, one-turn two-pushdown automata
It is proved that simultaneously one-turn two-pushdown automata are equivalent to the Turing machines.
Consider two consecutive moves m_1 and m_2, made by a two-pushdown automaton, M, whose pushdowns are denoted by \pi_1 and \pi_2. If during m_1 M does no shorten \pi_1, for some i=1, 2, while during m_2 it shortens \pi_1, then M makes a turn in \pi_1 during m_2. If M makes turn in both \pi_1 and \pi_2 during m_2, this turn is simultaneous. A two-pushdown automaton is one-turn if it makes no more than one turn in either of its pushdowns during any computation. A two-pushdown automaton is simultaneous one-turn if it makes either no turn or one simultaneous turn in its pushdowns during any computation. This paper demonstrates that every recursively enumerable language is accepted by a simultaneously one-turn two-pushdown automaton. Conesequently, every recursively enumerable language is accepted by a one-turn two-pushdown automaton.
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