Conference paper

ŠVÉDA Miroslav. Executable Specifications with Rapid Prototyping for Embedded Distributed Systems. In: Programmable Devices and Systems 2003. Kidlington, Oxford: Elsevier Science, 2003, pp. 49-54. ISBN 0-08-044130-0.
Publication language:english
Original title:Executable Specifications with Rapid Prototyping for Embedded Distributed Systems
Title (cs):Proveditelné specifikace při ryhlém prototypování vestavěných distribuovaných systémů
Proceedings:Programmable Devices and Systems 2003
Conference:IFAC Workshop on Programmable Devices and Systems
Series:IFAC Proceedings, Pergamon
Place:Kidlington, Oxford, GB
Publisher:Elsevier Science
formal specification, prototyping, embedded systems, components, real time systems, communication protocols
This contribution deals with an embedded distributed systems rapid prototyping method that employs hardware prototyping components and an executable specification language. Statements of such a language cover process management, timing and communication commands that are interpreted using the services of a real-time executive and a communication task located in each node prototype. The language is made executable by a technique that employs attribute grammars and either macroprocessor or Prolog-supported generation of software prototypes. Execution or interpretation of the expanded code embedded in reusable system components of the trial architecture provides final step of the method.
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