Conference paper

RŮŽIČKA Richard and ZBOŘIL František. Representation of Datapath Structure in Predicate Logic and its Implementation in Prolog. In: Proceedings of International Carpathian Control Conference. Košice: The University of Technology Košice, 2003, pp. 727-730. ISBN 80-7099-509-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:Representation of Datapath Structure in Predicate Logic and its Implementation in Prolog
Title (cs):Reprezentace struktury datových cest obvodu v predikátové logice a její implementace v Prologu
Proceedings:Proceedings of International Carpathian Control Conference
Conference:International Carpathian Control Conference
Place:Košice, SK
Publisher:The University of Technology Košice
Prolog, predicate logic, testability analysis, datapath
The goal of our research is to develop a methodology for a digital circuit testability analysis. It is reached through the analysis of data paths which exist in the circuit as result of the design process to utilize them for diagnostic data transfers, the i path concept is used. A formal approach allows create a formal model of a circuit, describe its diagnostic properties and describe testability analysis algorithms, all of them formally. Due to the fact that all objects in the datapath structure of the circuit and its properties from the testability analysis point of view are described in language of predicate logic, the Prolog language was chosen. It includes tools converting VHDL description of the circuit structure and its properties into facts and clauses which establish facts database. On base of such a database i path search algorithm is implemented.
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