Conference paper

KOTÁSEK Zdeněk and URBIŠ Hynek. USB-to-IDE Adapter Design and Implementation. In: 6th International Workshopn on Electronics, Control, Measurment and Signals. Liberec: Liberec University of Technology, 2003, pp. 315-319. ISBN 80-7083-708-X.
Publication language:english
Original title:USB-to-IDE Adapter Design and Implementation
Proceedings:6th International Workshopn on Electronics, Control, Measurment and Signals
Conference:6 th International Workshop on Electronics, Control, Measurement
Place:Liberec, CZ
Publisher:Liberec University of Technology
USB, IDE, Mass Storage,
This paper describes one of the possible solutions how to connect IDE device to computer via USB port. Many interesting features for connecting peripheral device to host computer are offered by USB interface. The biggest advantage is that device can be plugged and unplugged to or from the host without switching off the system. IDE devices provide big capacity for data storage. These devices are relatively cheep. Combination of hot pluggable device with big data capacity can be interesting for many users. To solve this problem it was necessary to design an adapter which physically and logically interconnects IDE device with universal serial bus (USB). Both USB and IDE basic concepts are described in the paper. This design can be effectively reused for other developed USB devices where are necessary fast data transfers.
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