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BEDNÁŘ David and KRESLÍKOVÁ Jitka. Object-oriented model of Processes in Project Management. In: ASIS 2003. Ostrava, 2003, pp. 335-342. ISBN 80-85988-88-7.
Publication language:english
Original title:Object-oriented model of Processes in Project Management
Title (cs):Objektově orietnovaný model procesů v projektovém řízení
Proceedings:ASIS 2003
Conference:ASIS2003 - XXVth International Autumn Colloquium ADVANCED SIMULATION OF SYSTEMS
Place:Ostrava, CZ
Object-oriented, project management, processes, modelling, Petri nets
Text is focused on the processes in project management, for which an object model was created using graphic notation Unified Modeling language (UML). By usage of the language and the tool PNtalk the object model is reduced into the object-oriented Petri net (OOPN). In PNtalk is consequently pursed the simulation of the project management processes, that has different levels of abstraction and that are used in phases of the project.
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