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DRAHANSKÝ Martin, ORSÁG Filip and SMOLÍK Luděk. Entwurf eines biometrischen Sicherheitssystems. Bonn: The Office for Security in the Information Technology, 2003.
Publication language:german
Original title:Entwurf eines biometrischen Sicherheitssystems
Title (cs):Návrh biometrického bezpečnostního systému
Title (en):Design of biometric security system
Place:Bonn, DE
Publisher:The Office for Security in the Information Technology
key, cryptography, fingerprint, voice, encipher, decipher, smart card
In this design of biometric security system is described the usage of combination of biometrics and cryptography. Here are discussed some possibilities of biometric key generation for cryptographical purposes.
   author = {Martin Drahansk{\'{y}} and Filip Ors{\'{a}}g and Lud{\v{e}}k
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   pages = {1--4},
   year = {2003},
   location = {Bonn, DE},
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