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HRUBÝ Martin and KOČÍ Radek. Modern Simulation Techniques and Tools. In: Proceedings of the International Workshop MOSMIC'2003. Žilina: Faculty of management science and Informatics of Zilina University, 2003, pp. 7-15. ISBN 80-8070-139-3.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Modern Simulation Techniques and Tools
Title (en):Modern Simulation Techniques and Tools
Proceedings:Proceedings of the International Workshop MOSMIC'2003
Place:Žilina, SK
Publisher:Faculty of management science and Informatics of Zilina University
simulation, simulation language, simulation system, heterogeneity
The problem domain of modeling and simulation has longtime tradition at our Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology. In this area there are tendencies to design new simulation means or to adapt the present ones due to satisfy ever more growing requirements to simulation features (such as more complexity description of models, parallel and distributed simulation, heterogeneity, and so on) at the present time. This paper characterizes an evolution of simulation languages and tools through the last forty years and it explains the reasons for developing new simulation means. Consequently the paper deals with two simulation languages and systems HELEF and PNtalk that are being developed by our research group.
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