Conference paper

ČECH Vladimír and KRESLÍKOVÁ Jitka. Výuka řízení projektů na příkladech ve studentských projektech. In: EDMAN 03 Education for Management. Plzeň: Evida, 2003, p. 13. ISBN 80-86596-25-7.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Výuka řízení projektů na příkladech ve studentských projektech
Title (en):Project management education examples based in student's projects
Proceedings:EDMAN 03 Education for Management
Conference:EDucation for MANagement
Series:Acta Evida No 22
Place:Plzeň, CZ
estimate, price, project, evaluation, Optimize, function points, plan of project, experience, bottom-up estimating
This article deals with evaluation of price estimating of software products created by students and derived metrics from estimated price, optionally time duration of project, which was solved in course Project Management. In the article are disputed price estimates of projects realized by students. Further are used other attributes of created projects and by using them is done a general evaluation and projects are compared among themselves. There is the total summarize in the conclusion with recommendation for better next judging of students projects. And also for more real view on the projects, which students will be to create in the practice.
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