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HAŠA Luděk and ČEŠKA Milan. Design of a Model Checker for Object-Oriented Petri Net Models. In: IPSI-2003 Proceedings. Belgrad: IPSI Belgrade Ltd, 2003, p. 6. ISBN 88-85280-62-5.
Publication language:english
Original title:Design of a Model Checker for Object-Oriented Petri Net Models
Proceedings:IPSI-2003 Proceedings
Conference:Internet, Processing, Systems, Interdisciplinaries - VIP Forum
Place:Belgrad, YU
Publisher:IPSI Belgrade Ltd
LTL\X, model checking, Object-Oriented Petri Nets, partial-oreder reduction, state space
Verification should be a very important part in the development of concurrent systems. To simplify verification, automatic techniques and automatic model checkers are developed. This paper presents a design of a model checker for Object-Oriented Petri Net models. Object-Oriented Petri Net is modelling formalism that supports modelling of all key features of concurrent and distributed object-oriented systems. The presented model checker uses on-the-fly model checking compounded with state space reductions. We consider verification of deadlockability, state invariants, and also verification against a class of global (not instance-oriented) next-time-free linear-time temporal logic formulae.
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