Conference paper

FLORIÁN Vladimír and PERINGER Petr. Systém pro 3D vizualizaci výsledků simulace. In: Proceedings of XXV-th International Autumn Colloquium ASIS 2003. Ostrava, 2003, p. 4. ISBN 80-85988-88-7.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Systém pro 3D vizualizaci výsledků simulace
Title (en):System for 3D visualization of simulation results
Proceedings:Proceedings of XXV-th International Autumn Colloquium ASIS 2003
Conference:ASIS2003 - XXVth International Autumn Colloquium ADVANCED SIMULATION OF SYSTEMS
Place:Ostrava, CZ
modeling, simulation, animation, visualization, simulation experiment
The article deals with design and implementation of client-server 3D visualization system suitable for simulation results visualization. It uses XML as communication language between simulator and visualization system.
Simulation experiments provide results in numerical form, so we often need tools for presentation of results in suitable way. The article deals with design and implementation of 3D visualization tool suitable for use in distributed simulation system. Our goal is to develop a tool usable for graphical visualization and animation in new client-server simulation environment. We developed XML-based interface of visualization server with simulation model. The interface is implemented as the client side library, which allows easy use of the visualization subsystem. The implementation of this system in C++ language and X Window environment was tested under Linux operating system.
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