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DRAHANSKÝ Martin, ORSÁG Filip and SMOLÍK Luděk. Biometric Security Systems. In: Sborník Mikulášské kryptobesídky 2003. Praha: ECOM-MONITOR, 2003, pp. 1-10. ISBN 80-903083-3-3.
Publication language:english
Original title:Biometric Security Systems
Title (cs):Biometrické bezpečnostní systémy
Proceedings:Sborník Mikulášské kryptobesídky 2003
Conference:Mikulášská kryptobesídka 2003
Place:Praha, CZ
fingerprint, voice, recognition, cryptography, key, transformation, generation
This paper describes the design of a Biometric Security Systems. At the beginning we introduce some biometrical attributes, especially the fingerprints, and we discuss their advantages and disadvantages when used in Biometric Security Systems. On example of the well understood fingerprint method we try to estimate the upper limit for the amount of available information on a fingerprint. Next part describes the architecture of such Biometric Security System focused on fingerprint and voice (speech) recognition. A qualified draft of the design is shown in this chapter. Finally the last chapter outlines the transformation of a biometric information key from fingerprint and the comparison of this key.
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