Technical report

ARNOLD Michael, BUSCH Christoph, DRAHANSKÝ Martin, IHMOR Heinrich, REINEFELD Tom and ZWIESELE Alexander. BioFinger - Evaluierung biometrischer Systeme (Fingerabdrucktechnologien). Darmstadt: Fraunhofer Institute - Graphic Data Processing Institute, 2004.
Publication language:german
Original title:BioFinger - Evaluierung biometrischer Systeme (Fingerabdrucktechnologien)
Title (cs):BioFinger - Evaluace biometrických systémů (Technologie otisků prstů)
Title (en):BioFinger - Evaluation of biometric systems (Fingerprint Technology)
Place:Darmstadt, DE
Publisher:Fraunhofer Institute - Graphic Data Processing Institute
Study, Comparison, Fingerprint, FAR, FRR, FMR, FNMR, ROC, Verification, Identification, AFIS, Mature, Twins
This publication is the final report of the BioFinger projects. At the beginning the functionality of fingerprint recognition systems is described. Follows the description of errors, which are intended for general biometric systems (e.g. FAR, FRR, FMR, FNMR, ROC). Further are introduced the results of all tests for selected systems. Follows the part called AFIS - dactyloscopic fingerprints - match of the twins fingerprints and influence of mature to the fingerprint recognition. At the end is everything evaluated and the listing of german and international fingerprint recognition systems is enclosed.
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