Conference paper

KOČÍ Radek. Open Implementation of the Simulation Framework. In: Proceedings of 38th International Conference MOSIS'04. Ostrava, 2004, pp. 73-80. ISBN 80-85988-98-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:Open Implementation of the Simulation Framework
Title (cs):Otevřená implementace simulačního frameworku
Proceedings:Proceedings of 38th International Conference MOSIS'04
Conference:MOSIS 2004 - Modelling and Simulation of Systems
Place:Ostrava, CZ
open implementation, reflectivity, metaobject protocol, Smalltalk, Object oriented Petri nets
Modelling and simulation make a wide area of the computer science dealing with research on real world by means of its abstractions and experiments on these abstractions. To describe different aspects of modelled world we can use different paradigms and formalisms. The author's direction of interest has been Object oriented Petri nets (OOPNs) and their usage to modelling, simulations, and prototyping of complex systems. In course of time this interest has converged to the simulation framework intended not only to modelling and simulation of complex and parallel systems but also to making prototypes of those systems. The needs of the simple and clear controlling of features above that complex applications is still growing up. To ensure these needs the "open" approach which proposes some features to control the internal representations has been introduced. The foundation to expression of open implementation is to provide a general implementation framework making easier design and using open implementations.
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