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BERAN Vítězslav. Augmented Multi-User Communication System. In: Proceedings of the working conference on Advanced visual interfaces. Gallipoli: Association for Computing Machinery, 2004, pp. 257-260. ISBN 1-58113-867-9.
Publication language:english
Original title:Augmented Multi-User Communication System
Title (cs):Rozšířený víceuživatelský komunikační systém
Proceedings:Proceedings of the working conference on Advanced visual interfaces
Place:Gallipoli, IT
Publisher:Association for Computing Machinery
augmented reality, mixed reality, image analysis, object reconstruction, grid based triangulation, advanced communication
This paper presents improvements carried out to enhance the visual interaction of computer users in existing communication systems. It includes the usage of augmented reality techniques and the modification of a method for user model reconstruction according to particular requirements of such applications. Promised achievement is to prepare the background for further development of multi-user interface, videoconference or collaborative workspace.

The aim of our research is replacing the standard computer interface components by equipment used in augmented reality and so immerse the user into augmented environment. Such approach allows to user positioning virtual objects in his workspace. One of possible techniques for precise virtual object pose evaluation widely used in augmented reality applications is to employ special tracking markers.

Traditionally, communication systems of videoconference type represent a remote user using his sprite (plain, billboard-like) model. The lack of realistic appearance, when the participant is displayed as a sprite model, can be eliminated by its artificial reconstruction. The method gain depth information from knowledge of human anatomy and hence it is able to create the artificial relief model of the remote user.

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