Conference paper

KAŠPÁREK Tomáš. Sun Grid Engine - když se počítá hodně a dlouho. In: Sborník konference OpenWeekend 2004. Praha: Student Union CTU, 2004, pp. 71-76. ISBN 80-01-03085.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Sun Grid Engine - když se počítá hodně a dlouho
Title (en):Sun Grid Engine when computing much and long
Proceedings:Sborník konference OpenWeekend 2004
Conference:OpenWeekend 2004
Place:Praha, CZ
Publisher:Student Union CTU
cluster, grid, Sun Grid Engine, Linux, HPC, administration, virtualization
Sun Grid Engine is tool for management of batch (job based) computing. It solves virtualization of computing systems for both users and administrators. This paper acts as introduction to instalation and mainly usage of this product. Experience with daily usage and some advanced features are also presented. Athor gains his skills with clusters at FIT and FSI of TU Brno.
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   location = {Praha, CZ},
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