Book chapter

ORSÁG Filip. Vision für die Zukunft. Biometrie. Kreutztal: b-Quadrat Verlag, 2004, pp. 131-145. ISBN 3-933609-02-X.
Publication language:german
Original title:Vision für die Zukunft
Title (cs):Vize budoucnosti
Title (en):Future Vision
Series:Sensorpraxis, Band 5
Place:Kreutztal, DE
Publisher:b-Quadrat Verlag
biometry, future
In this text, I present my vision of the future of the biometry. Brief introduction describes a scene from the future, which seems to be rather unrealistic, but may come true soon. Then I try to give some answers to questions like "What can we expect of the biometry in the near future?", "How will be the individual biometric technologies further developed?"  Next I present some speculations of the trend of some well-known biometric technologies. In the conclusion I summarize my thoughts and general trends of the biometry. In the paper there is presented only my opinion and need not to be same as yours.
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