Conference paper

SUMEC Stanislav. Multi Camera Automatic Video Editing. In: Proceedings of ICCVG 2004. Warsaw: Kluwer Verlag, 2004, pp. 935-945. ISBN 1-4020-1503-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:Multi Camera Automatic Video Editing
Title (cs):Automatický střih videa z několika kamer
Proceedings:Proceedings of ICCVG 2004
Conference:International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics 2004
Place:Warsaw, PL
Publisher:Kluwer Verlag
video editing; meeting room; multi view; activity evaluation; technical and aesthetical aspects; editing rules
Current technology makes possible to record various events of a human live, such as meetings simultaneously with several video cameras. Large amount of data is obtained from the each recorded event. However, a problem with presentation of such data in a suitable way occurs. This paper describes an algorithm that can be used in a compact videos generation from several source video streams according to different aspects and requirements.
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