Conference paper

MATOUŠEK Petr. A New Data Structure Based on Intervals. In: Proceedings of MOVEP'04. Bruxelles, 2004, pp. 16-21.
Publication language:english
Original title:A New Data Structure Based on Intervals
Title (cs):Nová datová struktura postavená nad intervaly
Proceedings:Proceedings of MOVEP'04
Conference:Winter School Modelling and Verifying
Place:Bruxelles, BE
parametric verification, symbolic data structure, intervals
 Traditional approaches to the verification of real-time systems deal with timed models where time is expressed by variables that are compared with explicite values (e.g., integers). Parametric timed and counter models use parameters to define constraints over clocks or counters. Verification of automata with parameters is generally   undecidable. However, it is decidable for some restricted   classes of parametric systems and moreover many practical system outside of these classes may be successfully verified using semi-algorithms. Analysis  mostly depends on the efficient data structure that is used to express behavior of the system. In this paper we discuss data structures used for representation of timed and  counter automata. We introduce a new data structure based on parametrized intervals for counter automata and operation that are needed for verification. This structure makes operations over  parametric counter automata simple in comparison to other approaches.

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