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OČENÁŠEK Pavel and TOUFAROVÁ Jana. Zpřístupnění obsahu Internetu zrakově handicapovaným uživatelům. INFORUM 2005: 11. ročník konference o profesionálních informačních zdrojích. Praha: 2005, vol. 2005, no. 1, p. 8. ISSN 1801-2213.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Zpřístupnění obsahu Internetu zrakově handicapovaným uživatelům
Title (en):Web Accessibility for Visually Handicapped People
Journal:INFORUM 2005: 11. ročník konference o profesionálních informačních zdrojích, Vol. 2005, No. 1, Praha, CZ
web accessibility, visually handicapped people
This paper deals with the concept of accessibility of web sites to visually handicapped people. The big problem is that impaired people are a small percentage of the total population, so web sites are normally built without taking into account that the pages could be visited by these handicapped people. This paper outlines a system that could be used by visually impaired people without the need of special browsers.
The first part introduces the problem of visually impaired people with connection to the information technology. Then the description of methods that are used to publish information on the web follows.
The last part outlines a concept of the system that could be used as a translator of the web content for easier use by impaired people.
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