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MASAŘÍK Karel, HRUŠKA Tomáš, KOLÁŘ Dušan and LUKÁŠ Roman. System for design and simulation of microprocessors. In: Proceedings of 8th Spring International Conference - ISIM'05. Ostrava, 2005, pp. 269-276. ISBN 80-86840-09-3.
Publication language:english
Original title:System for design and simulation of microprocessors
Title (cs):Systém pro návrh a simulaci mikroprocesorů
Proceedings:Proceedings of 8th Spring International Conference - ISIM'05
Conference:8th International Conference on Information Systems Implementation and Modelling
Place:Ostrava, CZ
System on Chip, Application Specific Instruction set Processors, Architecture Description Languages, and Higher Level Languages, compiler, simulator, assembler, disassembler and linker.
This article provides an introduction into the architecture description
languages, which are used for design of embedded systems. Base on higher
requirements on development of modern microprocessors (reduction of
development time, short time of verification etc.), we created new language
and unified environment, which are used in  branch of HW/SW co-design.
This article engages with analysis of designed language (specification of
its properties) and development tools and methodologies, which are necessary
in development of Application Specific Instruction-set Microprocessors.
At the end of this article the structure of developed framework is
introduced in short.
In the current industry environment, the System on Chip (SoC) technology is often used for embedded systems production. The technology enables integration of processors and memories into one chip. It is important for reducing the time of the architecture design and exploration of the SoC systems. This can by reached by shifting tasks into programmable parts. The programmable parts can be described by higher level languages (HLL). The using of the HLL for description significantly shortens the time of design the system. In this article is introduced a project which deal with the problematic of design of SoC systems by using of HLL.
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