Book chapter

ZENDULKA Jaroslav. API Standardization Efforts for Data Mining. Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining. Volume 1.. Hershey: Idea Group Publishing, 2005, pp. 39-43. ISBN 1-59140-557-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:API Standardization Efforts for Data Mining
Title (cs):Standardizace API pro dolování v datech
Book:Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining. Volume 1.
Place:Hershey, US
Publisher:Idea Group Publishing
data mining, OLEDB for DM, SQL/MM DM, JDM
The chapter presents a short overview of three standard application programming interfaces (APIs) for data mining, namely OLEDB for DM, SQL/MM DM and JDM. The standards are usually presented separately. Here, they are also compared so that the reader can better understand the different approaches the standards are based on.
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