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HRUBÝ Martin, KOČÍ Radek and RÁBOVÁ Zdeňka. The Heterogeneous Modelling Methods and Tools. Simulation Almanac 2005. Praha: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, 2005, pp. 40-50.
Publication language:english
Original title:The Heterogeneous Modelling Methods and Tools
Title (cs):The Heterogeneous Modelling Methods and Tools
Book:Simulation Almanac 2005
Place:Praha, CZ
Publisher:Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University
heterogeneous simulation models, simulation methods and tools, Prolog, SIMLIB, object orientation, multi-models, multi-formalism

In this paper, we would like to describe some topics in our long-term research of heterogeneous modelling. The process of creating complex models often requires different modelling methods and tools to be integrated. This paper provides a concise description of an object-oriented environment for creating composite models. The proposed approach is based on strict separation of processes working in a model and its structure coded as knowledge database. The basic environment is built up of a Prolog interpreter and SIMLIB simulation library made for C++.

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