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NIJHOLT Anton, ZWIERS Job and PEČIVA Jan. The Distributed Virtual Meeting Room Exercise. In: Proceedings ICMI 2005 Workshop on Multimodal multiparty meeting processing. Trento, 2005, pp. 93-99.
Publication language:english
Original title:The Distributed Virtual Meeting Room Exercise
Title (cs):Distribuovaná virtuální meetingová místnost
Proceedings:Proceedings ICMI 2005 Workshop on Multimodal multiparty meeting processing
Conference:International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces
Place:Trento, IT
Smart environments, multiparty interaction, augmented reality,
on-line and off-line meeting assistance, embodied agents, virtual
reality, inhabited virtual environments.
In this paper, we describe our research on distributed virtual
meeting rooms. Starting point is our research on multi-party
interaction, where the interaction may take place in real,
augmented and virtual environments. Moreover, those that
interact may be humans, human-controlled avatars, (semi-)
autonomous agents, mobile robots, etc. In this paper the emphasis
is on connecting meeting environments and transforming
perceived and captured meeting activity into multimedia
representations of that activity, including re-generation of activity
in virtual reality, and making this re-generation perceivable in
different, internet-connected, environments. This re-generation is
useful for on-line meeting assistance, remote meeting
participation and assistance, and for off-line access to meeting
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